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We offer treatments for the control of general pests and termites.

General pests include cockroaches, bedbugs, ants, spiders, silverfish, pill bugs, beetles, etc. Treatment for the control of general pests can include general spraying, fogging, dusting, baits and traps. The type of treatment depends on several factors including the type of insect(s), the area of infestation and the preference of the customer.

A general treatment may consist of a crack and crevice treatment inside and treatment of the exterior perimeter of the structure. We also offer pest control treatments of lawns and bushes.

Treatments for termites can be done using a liquid termiticide, a termite baiting system or a combination. We also offer a monitoring system for termites. The monitoring system can provide early detection of termites. 

We also offer honeybee swarm and/or honeybee hive removal. Since honeybees are important to the environment and Dave is a beekeeper extreme effort is taken to remove the honeybees without causing them harm. When this is not possible and safety is an issue, an insecticide may be used to eliminate them from a specific area. Honey will attract other insects so removal of the honeycomb and honey is very important when the hive is in an occupied structure.

Honeybee removal

Dave is removing honeybees inside a wall with his "Bee" vacuum.

Honeybees in tree

Dave is moving honeybees from the tree to a hive.

Termite treatment

Dave is treating a structure using a liquid termiticide, as showcased in the Ottawa Herald.